Storytelling Style

You'll enjoy the conversational storytelling style of Debi's writing as she shares her experiences and recipes with you.

As if you had stopped by Debi's home kitchen, where the aroma of freshly baked biscotti fills the air and mingles with savory whiffs of cappuccino...

Enjoy! As you discover Debi's biscotti baking tips and secrets she shares with you.

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About The Book-Divine Biscotti


Debi Catenacci learned to make biscotti the way we all should learn to her grandmother’s kitchen. There, Grandma Josephine taught a wide-eyed, curious young girl how to bake delicious “two-bite-delight” biscotti the old-world way.

Like a story handed down through time, each generation makes its mark on family recipes. In Debi’s case, she took her grandmother’s recipes and added some contemporary elegance. The result? Delicate morsels that you’ll enjoy baking—and everyone will love eating.

The book, Divine Biscotti offers a recipe for every season and every occasion. Step into a bright spring morning with Blueberry Biscotti with Lemon Glaze, or snuggle up in your favorite chair as the snow falls and savor the decadence of Chocolate Hazelnut Kiss. Debi offers simple recipes for everyday use as well as glamorous holiday treats, like the wonderful Grand Marnier Biscotti with Dark Chocolate Chunks.

Join Debi as she shares her baking secrets and memories of her family, her grandmother’s kitchen, and the art of baking biscotti. And as your first batch of biscotti cools, make yourself a cappuccino. Savoring the moment, taste your own home-baked biscotti—and offer a thank-you to Grandma Josephine, who once taught a little girl to bake.

Debi's Story

The easiest way to start, is at the beginning with the family tree...


 Once upon a time, a few decades and a century ago, Debi's great-grandfather and great-grandmother were immigrants from Italy. They came separately to America. They met at a boardinghouse in Chicago, fell in love, married, and moved to an Italian neighborhood in Chicago, near Taylor Street. 

Debi's great-grandfather, Anthony Zito, and great-grandmother, Filomena Danno, had ten children; the oldest was Debi's grandmother Josephine, her father’s mother. 

Debi's grandmother would frequently make and bake her go-to biscotti, the one she always had in her biscotti cookie jar waiting for spontaneous guests to arrive in the interlude of the late morning for a cup of cappuccino and biscotti—or to be served in the evening after dinner. 

And there you have it...the beginning. A is for almond, one of Grandma Josephine’s favorites. These classic biscotti have a traditional taste that seems to timelessly transport you to the Old World-Italy.

The generations of women in Debi's family

To the women.... from generation to generation

Debi has dedicated the book to the women in her family. 


With outstretched hands across the generational table, Debi reaches back to the women who still live through her. In her memory, Debi can see her grandmother Josephine, with whom Debi used to bake with, when she was a small, curious girl.  

Debi's mother, Virginia has always given her a guiding hand in baking.  Debi's sister, Christina, her built-in BFF for life; and the next generation, her beautiful little niece, Alysse, who isn’t so little any-more. 

This is the accumulation of the layering, of the bonding that happens from baking, as one generation passes on laughter, lessons, and love to the next generation. 

May you and the women in your family find joy in the bonding that happens through baking biscotti

To The Women... from generation to generation


Debi's great-grandmother


Debi's grandmother


Debi's mother

The next generation of women


Debi with pink curlers in her hair 

and happiness sparkling through 

the flour on her face.


Debi's sister and built-in 

BFF for life.


Debi's beautiful little niece, 

who isn't so little anymore.

Divine Biscotti Baking - Luscious Spring Biscotti

Lemon Biscotti with Lemon-Drop Glaze

French Honey-Lavender Biscotti

Rose-Blossom Biscotti Drizzled with White Chocolate

Divine Biscotti Baking - Sexy Summer Biscotti

Black-Raspberry French-Liqueur Biscotti

Rum-Soaked Raisin Biscotti with Rum Glaze and Almond Sprinkles

Pralines-and-Cream Biscotti

Divine Biscotti Baking - Cozy Fall Biscotti

Pumpkin-Spice Biscotti with Pumpkin Glaze

Cinnamon Biscotti

Orange-Blossom Biscotti with Fig and Pistachio

Divine Biscotti Baking - Warm Winter Biscotti

Chocolate-Hazelnut Kiss

True-Love Biscotti

Winter-White Biscotti

Divine Biscotti Baking - Enchanting Holiday Biscotti

Grand Marnier Biscotti with Dark-Chocolate Chunks

Triple-Almond Biscotti

Triple-Chocolate Biscotti with Pistachio Sprinkles

Divine Biscotti Baking - Delicious Gluten-Free Biscotti

Crystallized Ginger Biscotti

Matcha Biscotti with Chia Seeds

Divine Biscotti-Surprise Bonus-Sexy Summer Sangria

Sexy Summer Sangria


Have Sangria, will travel! 

This sexy summer sangria will be a welcome addition to your summer style. Seductively mouthwatering yet smooth and soothing to quench the thirst. Scrumptiously goes down and will be gone before you know it. Savor this fan favorite! 

Yes, there are Delicious Gluten-Free Biscotti recipes in the book, Divine Biscotti

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